Himo H1 - the ultra compact vehicle for your commute

Himo H1 - the ultra compact vehicle for your commute

Major cities have seen an increase in people travelling on electric rideables. This is because it is both fun and convenient to leave the car behind and once you have tried such a vehicle, there is no going back!

With this sudden increase in electric scooters, skateboards, skates and bikes, the H1 by Himo (a subsidiary of Xiaomi ) is a whole new breed! It is one of the most portable mini e-bikes available. Weighing just 13.8 kg, the H1 folding e-Bike is super mini electric scooter is powered with a 36V, 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery and a 180W motor! It will reach speeds of up to 11.2mph with around 19 miles range and its battery pack weighs just 1.8kg! Charging can be completed through its aluminium frame or the battery can be removed and charged.

In just 4 steps, it will fold to be small enough to fit into a backpack - in fact H1 folds entirely with the wheels, stem, handlebars, seat and even the frame itself down to an area the size of an A3 piece of paper!

 The taller commuters will have no problems adapting to it because the handlebars and seat are fully adjustable to fit riders of any height. In fact the only physical requirement for riders is that they must be under 90 kg weight!

Though the wheels are small, they absorb shock well and are well suited for uneven pavements and gravel surfaces. They are 6 inches in diameter with solid tires made of a very resistant rubber, with which ensures durability.

The handlebar has a HD digital display which is waterproof. Operated with a start button, this display screen indicates the speed, battery level, the distance travelled and if the lights are on. For riding in the dark, the front of the H1 scooter has a powerful LED headlight. On the right side, it has the throttle, while the left has the electric brake.




The Himo H1's features

  • 180W motor gives a maximum speed of 11.2mph (18 km/h)speed and a maximum 15 degree gradient
  • 6.0Ah 36V li-ion battery for a maximum 30km range
  • Suitable for adults and teenagers
  • 6.0Ah 36V li-ion battery for a maximum 30km range
  • An LED front light
  • 6-inch solid rubber tires suitable for different surfaces
  • Maximum 90kg payload
  • Folds in just 4 steps
  • HD LCD instrument panel
  • A3 paper sheet folding size
  • Electronic brake

Package content

  1. Electric Bike
  2. Manual
  3. Charger
  4. Installation tool

Here we go! 👉  Himo Folding E-bike Collection

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