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  • CE and EN15194 licensed
  • Delivery time: 1-5 days for Germany, 3-7 days for EU
The HIMO C26 is a long-range electric bike with a range of up to 100km and two riding modes to suit different scenarios. When you're exercising, you can turn on the mechanical exercise mode and pedal to burn calories. When you are commuting, turn on the electric riding mode, the journey is faster!

Nous avons des entrepôts à l'étranger en Allemagne, Pologne, Royaume-Uni, Irlande. En général, différents pays sont expédiés par défaut selon le tableau suivant.

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Destination Expédié depuis Frais d'expédition Délai de livraison estimé Mode de transport
Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni Gratuit 2 à 5 jours Gratuit
Espagne Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Slovénie Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Slovaquie Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Roumanie Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Portugal Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Pologne Pologne Gratuit 2 à 5 jours Gratuit
Pays-Bas Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Luxembourg Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Lituanie Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Italie Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Irlande Irlande Gratuit 2 à 5 jours Gratuit
Hongrie Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Grèce Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Allemagne Allemagne Gratuit 2 à 5 jours Gratuit
France Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Finlande Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Estonie Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Danemark Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Tchéquie Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Chypre Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Croatie Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Bulgarie Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Belgique Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit
Autriche Pologne/Allemagne Gratuit 3-7jours Gratuit

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HIMO C26 MAX Main Features

  • 250W Motor
  • 48V 10Ah Battery
  • 100 Miles Max Range
  • 25km/h Top Speed
  • Mechanical Disc Brake

Included in the Box

  1. C26 MAX Electric bike*1
  2. Charger*1+Key*2
  3. Installation tool*1 set
  4. Plastic mudguards*1 pair
  5. Foot pedal*1
  6. 1 x User Manual

What's the different between EU version and UK version?

The UK version is equipped with throttle,but EU version doesn't.

Key Features

The characteristic of HIMO C26 lies in the operation system of the motor and the controller. The smoothness of the system enables the burst of larger power with a smaller current, and at the same time, it can maintain low temperature operation, which will greatly improve the service life of the motor and battery, and also Improve the efficiency and speed of riding. It is great value for money!

250W Powerful Motor

250W motor, the top speed can reach 25km/h. Shimano's 7-speed transmission, a variety of riding speed options, meet different daily riding road conditions, whether it is work, sports, exploration, it will take you to spend a good journey comfortably!

Powerful Battery

Using 52-unit 18650 automotive-grade high-power batteries, the current is stable and powerful, and the cruising range can be as high as 100 kilometers, fully meeting the needs of daily commuting. At the same time, the battery has a key lock design, which is also a removable battery, which can prevent the risk of battery theft

Safe Driving

Equipped with front and rear mechanical disc brakes, once a slight pressure is applied to brake, it is very responsive and can reduce the braking distance, safe and reliable. At the same time, CST tires, not easy to damage, strong and durable.

LCD Display

Before you start riding, you can set your riding assistance mode through the LCD light. At the same time, he will record your riding data in real time during your ride, including the riding mode riding trip, riding speed, power and so on.The display is better to read in the sunlight and also indicates if lights are on.

Controllable Shock Absorber

HIMO C26, equipped with front fork steel shock controllable equipment. When you are on a bumpy road, you can turn the button counterclockwise to open the shock absorber, which can make you more comfortable. When you are on flat roads, twist the button to turn off the shock absorber, which can be faster and more efficient

Exceptional Design

In terms of style, HIMO C26 adopts a combination of road and off-road design, and the classic Nordic white and space gray color options are fashionable and interesting.
About material, aluminum alloy frame has a long life, fine body polishing process, high temperature and corrosion resistance.


Battery 48V/10Ah
Max Speed 25km/h
Brake  Frame 150cm-190cm
Max Range 100km
Charger Smart Charger
Controller 250W Hall Brushless Gear DC Motor
Motor Hall Brushless Gear DC Motor
Torque 35N.M
Display HD LCD Dispaly
Assist Intelligent 0-7 level pedal assist
Max Load 150KG
Rider Heights 160-180cm


Tires 26"×2.125"
Saddle Integrated In-seat Air Pump
Brake lever  Aluminum Alloy
Brake  Mechanical Disc Brake
Gearing Shimano 7-Speed
Throttle UK Version:Yes; EU Version:None
Rear Light Relector Tail Light
Front Light IPX7 Waterproof 1200lumen
Front Fork Alloy Front Suspension Frok With Lockout And Adjustment


  • A- Total Length 174cm
  • B -- Total Height 102cm
  • C -- Wheelbase 107cm
  • D -- Seat Length 56cm
  • E -- Maximum Seat Length 73cm
  • F -- Chain Length 126cm
  • G -- Center of Gravity Height 67cm
  • H -- Axle Length 67cm
  • I -- Wheel diameter 55cm
  • J -- Head Tube Length 14cm
  • K -- Handlebar Length 75cm