HIMO waterdichte fietsmand
HIMO waterdichte fietsmand

HIMO waterdichte fietsmand

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HIMO waterdichte opbergmand voor auto's is een draagbare automand die flexibel is voor de auto, opslag of in de hand kan worden gehouden. Het heeft een eenvoudige en veelzijdige uitstraling. Het wordt vaak gebruikt met een verscheidenheid aan fietsen en elektrische voertuigen om items op te slaan.


Diameter 240mm
Height 270mm
Capacity 12L
Weight 5kg
Perimeter 780mm
Material of metal rim Iron
Basket material Oxford cloth
Waterproof rating IP53

How to install


Precautions for use

Safe guidelines for using the product:

1.Before installing the Cable Lock, please read this manual carefully.

2.Please use within the scope of product attributes

3.The Cable Lock is not child-friendly. Do not allow children to play with parts.

4.When installing the Cable Lock and adjusting the position of the saddle, be careful not to expose the safety marking line of the saddle tube

5.The key can be taken out when the lock is closed and opened. Please do not put the key on the lock when driving to avoid losing it.

6.Do not place the product in a strong acid or weak base environment, so as not to cause corrosion damage to the product and affect its use


Parts such as locks and noisy keys can be wiped with lubricating oil regularly to avoid rust and oxidation, Keep the switch flexible to prolong to service life.


HIMO HIMO Cable Lock L150 [pdf] User Manual

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