HIMO C30R has 9 different gears, up to 25km/h pedal assist and a maximun range of 80km.It brings to the e-bike scene the comfort, performance, and more efficient riding style of a hybrid bike frame. With the HIMO C30R, you can save your back while unlocking the true commuting and leisure potential of your e-bike experience. 

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High Energy Storage Lithium Battery

SAMSUNG 21700 batteries are used throughout the system, and they are tiny in size, large in capacity, light in weight, and have a high energy density. It has a 1500-cycle charge and discharge capacity. It contains a secret lithium-ion battery that can be removed. To ensure safe riding and use, it has a double lock structure.

Shimano 9-Speed Transmission System

Shimano's professional transmission system offers a wide range of transmission options, as well as precision transmission, sensitivity, and lightweight, making it a popular choice among professional riders.

Brand New Power System

The high-speed inner rotor motor uses high-end helical gear double-speed technology, which provides strong power, high efficiency, small size, lightweight, low noise, and no concern of ascending against the wind.